What is Latigo?

Latigo is an innovative online platform where users can create Posters using Pictures, Videos, YouTube Videos, Google Maps, Attached Documents, Links and More!

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Upload and Store Pictures, Videos and Documents from your Mobile Device or PC.

Access them at any time through your Latigo account.

Organize them in custom folders in your file library.*Re-download them to your Mobile Device or PC from your file library

Use them in your created content pieces.

Create a Poster or Collection

  • Design using stock templates and our graphic editing tools
  • Input features such as Youtube videos, Google Maps, internal notes and more!
  • Apply search key tags to your content pieces and search within Latigo
  • Share created content to other select Latigo users or through social media sites
  • Message users and follow them or specific content on your favorites page without the constant distraction of a news feed