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The Latigo Team is a small, but highly skilled group of dedicated people that came together to build an idea. We have a vision and a belief that people value their time and are growing tired of the distraction of news feeds along with the drama and constant upkeep of social media. Our brand and our purpose is to give people the ability to use Latigo to help them organize their content and network more efficiently. Our beta platform is only the beginning of what we have planned! We built our site to be simple and intuitive without a lot of distraction and in doing so we focused on real issues people and companies currently face when it comes to content building, marketing and networking. We found a solution! Our goal is that people will use our site to connect for a meaningful purpose whether it is to sell something, share memories, connect groups of people with common interests, network and market, showcase an event or anything else that people feel passionate about. There is so much more behind who we are and what we are building! We have big plans and ideas and hope that anyone reading this will give us the time and positive support while we grow, enhance and continue development. Unlike a lot of big startups, we do not have a huge team and are not heavily funded. We are just a small group of people that want to make a difference. We believe in this project and we hope that you will too!

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